Viscon Electrical has a proven record for the designing, testing and maintaining commercial cabled networks. We are an accredited installer for Molex Networks, the most trusted brand of connectors and interconnect components.

We have the knowledge and expertise to provide your enterprise with the perfect connectivity and network solutions.

Data Cabling

Who we support

  • Education & Government
  • Healthcare
  • Commercial Business
  • Residential

Structured Cabling

A well designed structured cabling system is the foundation of any constructive & reliable smart building network. It is the basic investment on which all other network equipment integrates.

Viscon Electrical can help customise a structured cabling design to meet unique customer requirements while encompassing most voice, data & video applications.

Fiber Optic Splicing, Testing & Certification

Fiber Optic Cabling is becoming a necessity in high speed networks due to its bandwidth capabilities, size & security over copper cabling.

Viscon Electrical can help design and implement the testing, repair and installation of fiber optic cabling including the following solutions:

  • Core Alignment Fusion Splicing
  • OLTS Testing
  • Fault Finding

HDBaseT and IP Video

Using HDBaseT & IP Video ethernet protocols more & more enterprise businesses are deploying audio visual systems over structured cabling.

Viscon Electrical can help design & implement these protocols supporting everything from High Definition video streaming and video conferencing through to digital signage and content sharing.

The HDBaseT and IP-based AV systems need to be tested & certified just as they would when deploying an IP-based LAN for voice and data transmission.

Wireless LAN Applications

Viscon Electrical can help implement the following solutions:

  • LAN Extensions ie.. Wireless Access Points
  • Cross-Building interconnects ie.. Point to Point & omnidirectional wireless antennas
  • Nomadic Access ie.. Wireless LANs
  • AD-HOC Networking ie.. Peer to Peer Network

Power Over Ethernet (POE) Applications

Viscon Electrical can help implement the following solutions:

  • PTZ Video Cameras
  • Wireless Access Points
  • VOIP Phones
  • IP Security Cameras
  • Digital Signage

Certification & Testing

Poorly installed Data Cabling has been known to cause as much as half of all network failures. Certifying the data cabling within a structured cabling system reduces these failures, offering measurable benefits in operating and installation costs.

Why Certify?

  • Certifying is less costly than repair – Network downtime extracts a painful price in lost revenue, lost productivity and diminished customer service
  • Certifying assures the quality of the structured cabling installation.
  • Certification guarantees the structured cabling will perform at its recommended speed.
  • Certification can detect the use of sub-standard products in an installation.
  • Certification will help future proof an installation. Guaranteeing future bandwidth potential.

What we provide when certifying:

  • As built documentation including:
  • TCA1 Compliance Certificate
  • Building layout outlining location & identification of telecommunication outlets
  • Data Cabinet Layout
  • Comprehensive test results from Fluke DSX-8000 Cable Analyser
  • Materials List
  • 25 Year Performance Warranty

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