Viscon Electrical has a proven record for the designing, engineering and installation of quality, state of the art audio-visual equipment across the market.

We have the knowledge and expertise to provide your perfect AV Solution using the latest technology from only the leading brands.

Who we support

  • Education & Government
  • Healthcare
  • Business
  • Residential

Education Solutions

Interactive Displays & Projectors

Viscon Electrical has over 15 years experience working in Australian Schools delivering Interactive Technologies. We only use trusted brands with extensive warranty & support facilities. We can design and implement a solution which will help teachers easily create engaging, collaborate learning environments using the latest cutting-edge technology.

Wireless Collaboration

Wireless Collaboration allows students to effortlessly and efficiently collaborate in small groups with any laptop, tablet or smartphone and a main display. Each student can instantly share what’s on their device to the group display and wirelessly present it to another group or the entire class. Students and teachers can easily share files, send screen captures, annotate and illustrate with a whiteboard.

Performance Spaces

Viscon Electrical can provide a simple touch panel room control of any device in the AV System. Our goal is to keep all ears in the room captivated with crisp, clear, reliable audio while providing stunning high definition video and easy connectivity.

Healthcare Solutions

Operating Theatres

Viscon Electrical can help implement a seamless switching of AV signals in the one of the most critical areas of the hospital. AV signals are distributed over fibre optical cabling eliminating the issues caused by EMI interference. Our solutions guarantee seamless surgical AV routing and displaying of multiple video sources, simultaneously, in high definition, without delay.

Hospital Boardrooms

Viscon Electrical can assist in designing collaborative hospital boardrooms and videoconferencing spaces allowing meeting participants to connect any device wirelessly to a main display. Participants can show images or full HD surgical videos on the main display while allowing users to share, annotate and save this displayed content. Remote collaboration is also enabled through video conferencing applications such as BlueJeansTM, ZoomTM, GotoMeeting®, WebEx®, Microsoft TeamsTM, and more.

Medical Training Rooms

Viscon Electrical can design & implement an AV over IP streaming solution which streams live or recorded HD quality medical procedures remotely to a training room display. This solution can provide Doctors, nursing staff and medical students the best possible images for reviewing, learning and improving future medical procedures.

Patient Monitoring

Viscon Electrical can design & implement a scalable solution for managing multiple video feeds in patient wards with minimal quality loss & degraded latency to multiple displays.

Business Solutions

Wireless Collaboration & Video Conferencing

Wireless Collaboration devices allow wireless presenting, collaborating and sharing content easier and more efficient between user devices and the main display. Wireless Collaboration devices can be used in meeting room, conference room, huddle space, classroom or training rooms.

Video Conferencing is incorporated in the wireless collaboration devices allowing users to connect & collaborate with industry leading web conferencing apps like BlueJeansTM, ZoomTM, GotoMeeting®, WebEx®, Microsoft TeamsTM, and more

Control Systems & Touch Panel Design

Viscon Electrical can take the management out of business meetings with simple, seamless integration of your audio visual equipment. Viscon Electrical can program & design a Touch Panel remote control to easily monitor & control any boardroom meeting.

Commercial Displays & Video Walls

Viscon Electrical can design & implement a multi viewer video wall solution. We can create any size video wall configuration supporting 4K Video and embedded audio options. Multiple video sources can be displayed simultaneously ensuring quick, clean switching and smooth transition between inputs.

Residential Solutions

Automation & Touch Panel Design

Viscon Electrical can provide simple navigation through your home theatre equipment with a one touch solution. Imagine combining all your home theatre remotes into one easy to use controller. Viscon Electrical can design & program your All in One Remote/Touch Panel to imitate button presses, so you can press one button & complete several tasks all at once. Viscon Electrical offer basic home theatre remotes as well as a whole home automation solutions.

Multiroom Audio

Multi-room Audio (Distributed Audio) systems are audio systems that allow for playback and often control of music throughout an entire home or building. Areas within a building or home are separated into Audio Zones. These Audio Zones can be controlled independently of other zones offering different audio sources and different volume levels.

Home Cinema

Our systems are designed to offer high end music & video delivering multi dimensional sound &

incredible visual clarity. The whole family can be immersed into the ultimate cinematic experience.

Outdoor Cinema

We specialise in designing spectacular outdoor cinema solutions. Whether its watching a movie with the family or a sporting event with your mates. We can also incorporate the outdoor cinema audio zone to be part of a multi room audio system.


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